Pricing for Weddings, Funerals and Special Occasions

Wedding Prices

Package 1
Deposit £50
Cost of Package £190

Package 2
Deposit £100
Cost of Package £250

Package 3
Deposit £150
Cost of package £325

Deposits are non refundable if bookings are cancelled less than 14 days prior to event.


As part of one of the packages above, we can also offer.

Memory Doves – These are personalised baskets displaying a Photograph of your loved one £35

 Extra single Doves in handheld heart shaped decorative baskets, £20:00 maybe for each bridesmaid or a family member.

Please note that the prices above are dependent upon the distances required for the birds to fly home. If your ceremony package prices is going to be different from those quoted above – we will discuss this with you prior to placing your booking.

We DO NOT impose any hidden costs or surcharges on any of our events.


Package 1 – Match Made in Heaven – £190.00

This package consists of two pure White Dove released from a Decorative heart basket by the Happy Couple.

After the marriage ceremony (vows) the happy couple will be presented with the two doves. These are presented as two birds in one Basket; however, we can provide individual baskets upon request.

Our handlers will be ready to assist with releasing the doves and can guide you through, every step of the way.

Once released our Beautiful Doves will spread their wings and fly upwards into the sky.

They then circle together and finally make their way home.


Package 2 – Happily Ever After – £250.00

This Package Consists of two pure White Dove released from a Decorative heart basket by the happy couple, Again we can offer this release as two individual Baskets or Cages upon requests.

The Doves will be presented to the happy couple after the ceremony, we will await your filming professionals, if you have one, so that your release can be filmed, a perfect way to remember.


Package 3 – Forever After Package – £325.

This is the ultimate Wedding Dove Release package.

This service includes of two pure White Dove to be released by hand by the happy couple.

These birds are our posers and will be available for a photoshoot, should you wish to have the memories frozen in a perfect moment in time.

Once the two white doves are released by the happy couple who circle the ceremony, but also includes the release of another x3 pure white doves who unite with the first two birds and then all fly off together.

The sight of our stunning Doves taking flight and circling is a breath-taking experience to be remembered.

This package also consists of two of our Amazing Fan tail Doves, Displayed in beautiful cages either side of your venue entrance.