Meet the Doves

2020 Babies 

Prince = Meaning Sea Strength

Hatched May 2020 

Our Regal little man was named perfectly as we believe he really does think he is royalty. 


Bree = Meaning Strong & Honourable

Hatched May 2020

Loves to be praised, Training with this little lady is fun and her reactions will always make you smile


Zeek = Meaning may God Strengthen 

Hatched June 2020

May God Strengthen? We hope so, as I’m afraid to say our little zeek is not the smartest Dove in the loft, But he makes up for it with his affectionate personality. 


Harmony = Meaning Unity Concord ( Yep, We don’t know either )

Hatched June 2020

Harmony is our wild child and loves to be outside even if that means daily breakouts.


Layla = Meaning The Night 

Hatched June 2020 

Layla laid her very own egg in April 2021 and adopted a third that was abandoned 

She is our Mother Hen




Sadly Layla struggled to be a first time mum, so little man Finley has been hand raised since he was 4 days old and he is doing amazing


Callen – Meaning Powerful

Hatched July 2020

Shows immense stamina, we hold high hopes for him, he is a determined little man and could become on of our distance flyers. 


Zain = Meaning Handsom

Hatched August 2020

Sweet natured little man, often with a person and not his fellow doves, perched nicely on a shoulder seems to be his happy place.


Sky = Meaning Spirit, Peace and Heaven 

Hatched August 2020

Our inquisitive little girl, she always wants to watch what’s going on and normally has something to say about the situation. A real Pre-Madonna 

Rio = Meaning River 

Hatched August 2020

Water by name, Water by nature, Rio loves nothing more than bath time, and is often out alone dancing in the rain whilst the sensible doves come in the warm and dry.


Coo – Meaning Gentle Love 

Hatched May 2019 

He likes to take his time in coming home, we don’t know what on earth he gets up to but he pushes his luck every time he is out, returning at dusk most times. 


Xavier = Meaning Bright

Left the nest on 04/04/2019 

Xavier is a homely boy and is never gone long, he gets the job done perfectly and promptly to ensure he does not miss dinner time, or his love Indie.


Ionie = Meaning Violet 

Left the nest 12/07/2019 

Ionie is our Fancy girl, all the boys want her however she has completely different ideas and just likes to keep them waiting 


Shay + Meaning Admirable, Hawk like and Gift 

Collected and bought home from Barking 28/07/2019 

What can I say about Shay, He is just a mummy’s boy?


Kayla = Meaning Pure 

Left the nest 12/07/2019 

Pure Naughty is exactly how we sum up this little lady. She will push her luck no end, however she is amazing on releases, so I guess we cant have it always. 


Kenzo = Meaning Wise and Free 

Bought home from Barking 25/08/2018.

Looks after his flock, he keeps everyone in check to ensure they all arrive home safe and sound together. 


Indie = Meaning Independent 

Hatched April 2018

Is our little feathered Nerd, she has an amazing intelligence, and holds herself with grace, 

She is a Private school, elocution lessons kind of girl.


Double Trouble (Brothers)


Storm = Meaning Wild & Strong 

Collected 28/05/2017 from Barking. 

Storm loves the long flights going all the way out to Leeds and returning safely home to us. 


Raven = Meaning Wisdom 

Collected from Barking 28/05/2017 Raven stays close to his brother; Raven is a ladies’ man he isn’t biased he loves them all.