Wedding Dove Release

The release of the white doves is a truly memorable spectacle and it is said that if doves are seen on your wedding day, the couple will share a happy and long existence together.

Wedding Dove releases in the UK.

All of our handlers are professionals and will be dressed to match the occasion.

Whichever package you choose for your day, you can rest assured that we will ensure that our services fit seamlessly into your arrangements with the professional and sensitive approach you would expect.

White doves are perfect for adding a further symbolic meaning to your commitment together. For example, in biblical terms, white doves symbolise new beginnings, peace, love and unity.

Doves also draw many parallels with human relationships, they also share a commitment whether it be building a nest, raising and caring for their offspring. For example, Doves take it turns to look after the nest and chicks, males take responsibility during daylight and females take over at night.

When we have booked a wedding we ALWAYS ensure that we arrive on the correct day, place and time. We are always sensitive to your needs and will work with your photographers, guests and yourselves to ensure that the whole event is memorable and runs smoothly.