Funeral Dove Release

Releasing doves at a funeral is a beautiful expression of peace and healing, symbolising a feeling of saying goodbye and letting go.

Funeral Dove releases in the UK.

All of our handlers are professionals and will be dressed to match the occasion.

In all of the ceremonies we have attended, the releasing of Doves, either by the family/friend or by our experienced handlers, gives a feeling of calmness and peace and is a unique way to pay your final respects and gratitude.

Our professional team will work closely with you or your funeral director to ensure the smooth co-ordination of release and the respectful accommodation of your needs.

We are always respectful and will work with you to provide a heartfelt experience that will be remembered by all in attendance.

When you a book a ceremony, we will always ensure that contact is made prior to your chosen date. This will allow us to confirm all of wishes.