Beau Doves

Welcome to Beau Doves – the premier white dove release event company in the South East of England.

Dove release events now in the whole of the UK.

We will never surprise anyone with hidden fees or charges, and will always provide a quoted fee for our services in advance.

Beau Doves specialise in releasing doves at weddings, funerals and special occasions in the UK.

We are a professional company who will always:


  • provide a solid commitment to your occasion and arrive punctually,
  • work in harmony with your event co-ordinators and other professionals (photographers) to ensure that your event is smooth,
  • be courteous and friendly to your guests and (most importantly) you,
  • respect your wishes and understand your needs.

All of our dove release events are professionally co-ordinated and add a special finishing touch to your day.

If you want to transform your event into an extraordinary experience – then our white dove release is just for you.

White doves are the perfect compliment to your wedding, ceremony of remembrance or celebratory event.

Doves have always symbolised love, peace and combine natural strength and beauty set against the freedom of the sky.

Releasing our trained Doves can bring that added meaning to your expression for your guests.